Conservation Area FAQ


  1. What are the benefits of a Conservation area?


From the Historic England guidance: “Conservation area designation introduces a general control over the demolition of unlisted buildings and provides a basis for planning policies whose objective is to conserve all aspects of character or appearance, including landscape and public spaces, that define an area’s special interest.”


Local Plan Policy Env5: http://consult.cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk/portal/cwc_ldf/adopted_cwac_lp/lp_1_adopted?pointId=1419339111271#section-1419339111271


Conservation areas are designated when places are deemed to have a character that is worth protecting, and this designation brings certain controls that aim to preserve or enhance that character, improving the amenity of the locale and the wider borough.


  1. Who is paying the cost of setting the Conservation area up?


HPC has commissioned the draft appraisal (or feasibility study) and the process of adoption would be undertaken jointly between HPC and the CWaC Conservation and Design team, but no particular costs are expected.


  1. How does this affect permitted development planning in the Conservation area?


Development in conservation areas is covered by Local Plan Policy DM46, notably that:

“Development proposals which will not be supported include the following:


  • demolition of non-listed buildings which make a positive contribution to the character or appearance of conservation areas, other than in exceptional circumstances;
  • the erection of buildings and structures which are unsympathetic in design, scale, mass and use of materials;
  • alterations and extensions which are unsympathetic in design, scale, mass and use of materials;
  • the erection or extension of buildings and structures which will obstruct important views within, or views in or out of conservation areas.”


  1. Who decided the boundary of the Conservation area?


The boundary was decided on the basis of site visits by CWaC Built Environment Officers and has been subject to revision (extension) in consultation with HPC representatives.


  1. Why were residents in the proposed area consulted over the proposed boundary?


I’m afraid I don’t understand this question.


  1. How will this affect planning applications currently in the system that may be decided after the Conservation area has been implemented.


It depends on timescales for adoption, but the conservation area would not exist before that point. However, the character and setting of unlisted heritage assets will always be taken into account in assessing any application as outlined in Local Plan Policy DM48.


  1. I did not know about the proposed Conservation area when I purchased my property will I be able to claim compensation?


CWaC has a statutory duty to designate as conservation areas any parts of the borough that are of special architectural and/or historic interest, the character or appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance.